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Covid-19 Update

Even though the outbreak has severely undermined our industry and the global economic landscape, we continue to manage our way through the crisis and provide our usual level of service with extra steps taken to proactively safeguard our operations and ensure your safety.

Our vehicles are sanitized, our drivers exercise extreme care to observe physical distancing, wear face masks, and follow a strict hand hygiene. Hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes are available in each vehicle.

We continue to evaluate and adjust our operations to meet the evolving guidelines from the Federal and Provincial agencies and health officials.

If you need to travel for business or personal reasons, we are ready to help you get to your destination safely and comfortably.

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  • Guest (Bonnie Ross)

    I doubt that simple discussion can change anything in our country, but if you really have an idea to share, this is your chance to shake our government up. It's quite a good initiative, but to my mind, it will only work when all results of discussion are formed into real suggestions for statesmen.

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  • Guest (Katherine Cook)

    I hope this project will change something in our social and political state because many of our state's residents are really fed up with the current situation including the world economic crisis, poverty, overpopulation etc.

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