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Most COVID – 19 health restrictions have been lifted in Nova Scotia as of March 21, 2022.  However, we continue to require wearing Face Masks in our vehicles, as strongly recommended by health officials.

The health and safety of World Class Executive Transportation passengers, employees, and partners are our highest priority.  We continue to evaluate and adjust our operations to meet Transport Canada measures and guidance based on the evolution of transmission of Covid-19, as well as risk-assessment and advice from local and national public health officials. 

As we continue to manage our way through the crisis, below are the steps we have taken to minimize the possibility of exposure to Covid-19.

Health Concerns 

  • Passengers with COVID-19 symptoms such as cough, fever, or chills will not be able to utilize World Class Executive Transportation services. 
  • Chauffeurs are not be permitted to work if they are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

Vehicles Cleaning and Disinfecting

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  • Vehicles are disinfected daily using products that effectively kill viruses, including COVID-19. 
  • All touch points, including door handles, seats, seat belts and buckles, are wiped cleaned and disinfected in-between every ride. 
  • Sanitizing alcohol wipes are available in vehicles for passengers. 
  • Whenever possible, ventilation will be set to “non-recirculated air mode” in both the driver and passenger compartments. 

Physical Distancing 

  • Wherever possible, outside the vehicle, our chauffeurs maintain a physical distance of 2 meters away from others. 
  • Plexiglass partitions are installed in all sedans and SUVs. 
  • Passengers are prohibited from sitting in the front seat. 
  • Physical contact and sharing of any items between driver and passengers is strongly discouraged. 

How to wear a mask

Face Coverings 

  • Chauffeurs wear a face covering when transporting passengers, or when otherwise within 6-feet of distance from customers or others. 
  • Complimentary disposable face masks will be available for all passengers.

Hand washing 

  • Chauffeurs wash hands, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, before and after any of the following activities: before and after work shifts, using the restroom, cleaning, after handling passengers’ personal belongings, between rides and after handling/exchanging money, after putting on, touching, or removing cloth face coverings, before wearing and after removing cold-weather gloves, before and after pumping gas. 
  • Passengers are asked to use hand sanitizer after entering the vehicle. 


  • Cashless payment is preferred.