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Sustainability Policy Towards Green Executive Transportation

World Class is committed to promoting sustainability. We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

We believe that all individuals and corporations have an important role to play in tackling the climate change by reducing negative environmental impacts of their behaviour and operations.

We believe that we have an obligation to our employees, our communities, our customers and the environment, to operate our business sustainably. Our management is responsible for enabling employees to contribute to our environmental objectives and to implement this policy.

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We have developed a Sustainability Policy, which comprises a set of principles, operating procedures and business targets. The following principles are the basis of our Sustainability Policy:

  • To incorporate sustainability considerations in all our business decisions.
  • To comply and exceed where possible, applicable regulations and legislation, especially those related to emission controls.
  • To minimize the impact of all our transportation and office activities on sustainability.
  • To ensure that our staff are fully committed to implementing and enhancing our Sustainability Policy.
  • To enable our customers to become more sustainable through the use of our service.
  • To make our clients and suppliers familiar with our Sustainability Policy and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices.
  • To educate and engage employees on sustainability at home, work, and throughout their communities through a combination of employee communications, learning sessions, and hands-on opportunities.
  • To continually review and improve our sustainability performance.

We are committed to implementation of the following Procedures to execute the principles of our Sustainability Policy:

  • Maintain all fleet vehicles to high standards to ensure minimal environmental impact.
  • Maximize efficiency of routes when possible.
  • Wherever possible, use electric vehicles rather than traditionally powered cars, to provide our services.
  • Provide our employees with technology options that eliminates use of paper and other office consumables.
  • Maximize reuse and recycling including computer, cellular phones and other mobile electronic equipment.
  • Reduce energy consumption by purchasing energy efficient equipment and observing good housekeeping.
  • Minimize consumption of bottled water.
  • Wherever possible source products and services from suppliers with a sustainability policy in place; this primarily includes auto mechanic shops, tire shops, auto detailers, vehicle cleaning supplies, computer / cellular equipment.
  • Include a copy of our Sustainability Policy in all our proposals to clients.
  • Undertake a regular review of our Policy, adherence to it, and identify additional sustainability opportunities.

Sustainability Targets:

We have an unfaltering commitment to an all-electric, zero emission future, regardless of any advancements in fuel economy of standard gas vehicles. We are investing in electric fleet of vehicles:

  • All sedans in our fleet will be replaced by all-electric vehicles when the necessary charging infrastructure is in place.
  • Larger vehicles, SUVs and vans, will be replaced as soon as adequate all-electric replacements are available on the market.

Our Achievements andTargets are:

  • 27% off all sedan transfers were completed in zero emission vehicles in 2022 (our target was 25%).
  • 33% off all sedan transfers were completed in zero emission vehicles in 2023.
  • 100% zero emission operation as soon as adequate electric SUVs and Vans are available on the market and required vehicle charging infrastructure is in place.


Our Sustainability Policy is a living document that is updated continually to incorporate most current legislative demands, best academic understanding regarding environmental impact, and employee input.

This policy has been approved by the Management of World Class Executive Transportation. (Version March 31, 2024)